Freeze Preperations

WARNING:  Must drip water starting Tuesday, Jan 16, 10:00p thru Thursday, Jan 18, 11:00a.  

Please remind all your neighbors in your building.

Freezing temperatures can rupture and break your water pipes in New Orleans. When this happens, water bills soar and broken pipes occur in walls and ceilings. Failure to take precautionary steps can cost thousands of dollars in building and personal property damage.

Whenever the temperature is forecasted to drop below freezing (32 degrees) into the mid to low 20-degree range for 3 hours or more, you will need to slightly open ALL the faucets in your home (hot and cold) so that they drip roughly a 1/2 pencil thickness stream or about 1/8 inch stream. This will prevent pipes in the ceiling above your TV, bed or other furnishings from bursting during a freeze and destroying your property. This is a very inexpensive precautionary measure that will not raise your water bill more than 3-4 bucks a month in the worst case scenario. If the wind is blowing above 5 MPH use the 28-degree temperature as the starting point to drip the water.

Please watch this video to get a good idea of what to do:


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