How To… Unclog Your Toilet

Help!!! My Toilet Is Overflowing!

WARNING… If your toilet is running, open the toilet tank top and push the flapper down to stop the inflow of water into the bowl. Also, you can look under the toilet for the water supply valve pertruding out of the wall and turn it clockwise to stop the flow of water into the tank and bowl.

Nearly all toilet clogs result from improper use. The only 3 things that should ever be placed in the toilet are:

  1. Human feces.
  2. Urine
  3. Small amounts of toilet tissue.

NEVER EVER put feminine hygiene products, facial tissue (kleenex), paper, cigarets or wrappers, hair, cooking grease, or any other objects in the toilet, or else it will clog.

If you have managed to clog your toilet, you (*not the rental company) are responsible for unclogging it, and it’s really not a big deal to unclog the mess.

NOTE: You should always have a plunger in the bathroom, so go buy one today—you will be glad you did. It is better to own a plunger and never need it, then to need it and not own one.

CHARGES: It you fail to follow these instructions and a plumber is sent to plunge a simple toilet clog, or discovers improper use of the toilet, i.e., feminine hygiene products, facial tissue (kleenex), paper, cigarets or wrappers, hair, cooking grease, combs, brushes, plastic, paper towels, or any other objects in the toilet you will be charged accordingly and be billed for the maintenance call.


Please watch these videos and learn how to DIYS and save money.



If you don’t have a plunger, try this method to unclog the toilet. If it doesn’t work you will need to buy a plunger and try plunging before calling for help.


*  Very rarely is the clogged toilet a result of a sewer line backing up, especial if you are on the second or third floor. However, if you are on the ground floor and have been unable to clog the toilet and the tub is now backing up too, you will need to report the problem to our office ASAP click here.


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